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What Makes a Great Educational Building?

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If you are having trouble with space for your business, and you feel that you require bigger premises, there are a number of options that are worth looking into.  Perhaps your current space has become a little cramped as you have expanded, or maybe you need a greater space for stock, maybe you have just one that big contract? The off-site solution is not always the best answer and if suitable business premises are scarce and costly in the local vicinity, then this may simply not be an option. If you have the outside space, why not consider a temporary or demountable structure that can be used to suit the needs of your growing business?



Sometimes the realisation that you are struggling for space can creep up on you. In the manufacturing industry, all it takes is a couple of large orders, and you might suddenly find yourself struggling for space to store the raw materials you need to complete the order. This is where a demountable structure will come into its own, allowing you to take on that new business rather than turning it down due to lack of space.

Our semi-permanent structures can offer you the perfect, incredibly versatile solution in a matter of days. Not only that but they are also incredibly quick to erect with us handling the logistics and project management from start to finish. People are often surprised by just how speedily we can provide them with a solution.




Quick to assemble, demountable structures are also incredibly flexible. They can be erected, taken down, and moved to another location with surprising ease – offering a really flexible solution to your storage or logistics needs. This also means that these types of solutions can be adapted to your individual requirements

These types of structure also offer a flexible framework and roofing system that comes with either an insulated or non-insulated option depending on your needs. This all means that not only can it be constructed on an existing surface without the need for expensive and lengthy groundwork but that it can even be built upon ground that is uneven or sloping.




Unlike moving to a new premises or renting off-site storage, a surface mounted structure is a very cost-effective way of gaining more space for your growing business. If the expansion is only a temporary one, then a flexible contract offers you the best of both worlds. Rental can give you larger premises in which to work but only for as long as you need it – you can hire from us for as long as you need. With the frames guaranteed for 10 years a demountable structure is not as temporary as you might think.

For those companies who would prefer to buy then the good news is that a surface mounted structure will offer you a solution that is significantly more cost-effective. and quicker than the traditional route.


Variety of uses


Surface mounted buildings offer a multitude of applications – from workshops, storage depots, warehouses for commercial businesses, to canopies for logistics, commercial garages, sports halls or entirely bespoke buildings.

Whether you need a large or small temporary structure, a basic framework with walls and a roof or perhaps something with a mezzanine and racking or bespoke sport fit-out, there will be a solution for you.




You might be surprised to learn that just as a bricks and mortar structure can be bespoke, so can a temporary structure. These types of structure can be tailor-made via a modular construction to effectively provide a perfect solution that fits your requirements. We can help you with every aspect of the design of your structure and its construction to make sure you have something that is technically and aesthetically on point.

It really is that simple. All you need to do is tell us exactly what you are looking for and we can design and build the perfect demountable structure that is completely tailored to your exact requirements.

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