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Rapid Construction

Our construction process is 4 times faster and 2 times cheaper than traditional construction.

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Bespoke Solution

Our solutions are fully modular, and will be designed & built tailored to your needs.

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Insulated Structure

Fully insulated with Thermo Roof systems, helping prevent condensation.

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Turnkey Solution

We design, manufacture and install our buildings, providing you with the end-to-end service you’re after.

We understand that things don’t always go 100% to plan. If you need a rapid turnaround in modular buildings for schools; whether it be an exam facility, sports hall or anything in between, we can visit in 24 hours and begin installation within weeks. 

Working to tight deadlines, we’re ready to deliver a flexible, adaptable, comfortable and highly secure environment for your staff, students and visitors alike.

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Why choose Lauralu for temporary, semi-permanent & permanent modular school buildings?

At Lauralu, we are committed to ensuring that we uphold our corporate social responsibility. We’re proud to work using the EcoVadis system, maintaining a silver medal in their sustainability ratings.


Warm, cosy and ready to learn, Lauralu’s temporary buildings are the perfect environment for schools that need a little more space for their students to study, but can’t afford to wait for costly brick-and-mortar construction. This also extends to designing and installing fit-for-purpose SEN and SEND classrooms, which existing infrastructure might not be able to accommodate.

Sports Halls & Music Practice Rooms

Our solutions are fully modular and will be designed and built tailored to your needs. This provides a practical and affordable way to allow your school to create dedicated spaces for physical activities and artistic pursuits, enhancing the overall educational experience.

Exam Facilities

Need exam facilities, but don’t want to dedicate space? Lauralu modular school buildings are the ideal solution for you to use throughout the exam season.

Modular Nurseries

Modular nursery buildings offer a nimble and efficient solution to accommodate the specific needs of early childhood education. These structures provide a quick way for nurseries to create a nurturing and safe environment for young learners, tailored to fostering their development in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Other School & University Buildings

Modular school and university buildings offer a flexible and scalable solution to meet diverse educational needs. With their rapid construction and adaptable design, these structures provide institutions with a sustainable way to address evolving space requirements, ensuring a dynamic and conducive environment for learning and research.

Modular School Cafeteria

Versatile and efficient, this type of building by Lauralu is designed to adapt to evolving educational needs. Its modular construction allows for quick assembly and customisation, providing schools with a cost-effective and sustainable facility to accommodate varying student populations and dining requirements.

Rapid turnaround temporary, semi-permanent & permanent structures that ensure students’ & teachers’ wellbeing. 

Lauralu temporary building structures and industrial canopies

Industrial Canopies

Industrial canopies allow you to protect non-sensitive materials (pallets, wood, peels, plastics, waste, etc.) from bad weather, to secure your logistics activities or to perform simple maintenance operations.

Lauralu insulated temporary buildings for agriculture

Insulated Buildings

Our insulated temporary & semi-permanent buildings are perfect for storing sensitive assets, protecting them from the elements and theft.

Ideal for insulated sports halls, or for extra exam space when you need it. If you’re planning on expanding, Lauralu buildings can be used to grow your learning area, bridging the gap between planning and final construction.

Lauralu temporary building structures and uninsulated structures

Uninsulated Buildings

Our uninsulated steel cladded building is the perfect storage solution for any non-sensitive materials that need to be protected from the elements. Quick and easy to erect, there’s no better solution for your storage needs.

Lauralu temporary building structures and sports covers

Padel Court Roofs & Sports Canopy Covers

Profit from your padel court all year round with a padel court roof or cover. Protects your players from the rain and sun, meaning that you can keep your courts open no matter what the weather’s like. Our Padel Court & sports canopy covers are available for Temporary or Semi-permanent applications.

Lauralu temporary buildings and megastructures


Our megastructures are perfect for schools looking to expand. Cost-effective, high quality, extremely secure. Guaranteed for up to 50 years. 

Large enough to cover even the biggest spaces, our megastructures can be erected to cover a full-sized football pitch, meaning that your students have access to a playing area all year ‘round.

Lauralu temporary buildings and solid roof structures

Solid Roof Buildings

After something a little more permanent? Our solid roof buildings come with an upgraded solid steel roof; any solid roof building is designed to last for over ten years. Perfect for any business looking to make an investment in their building, improving its value and longevity.

Choosing Lauralu for Modular School Buildings Bring Benefits That Add Value

As well as offering rapid construction and being cost-effective, temporary classrooms and modular education buildings also offer the ability to be flexible and scalable. They’re easily customisable, allowing schools to adjust the size of classrooms or other spaces, such as administrative offices or a library, based on changing requirements. In addition to this, the temporary buildings can accommodate modern technology infrastructure to support contemporary teaching and learning methods. 

When assembling the temporary school buildings, Lauralu ensures on-site disruption is significantly minimised. This can be crucial for schools aiming to maintain a quiet and focused learning environment during construction. While initially intended for temporary or semi-permanent use, modular buildings can be designed and constructed to meet permanent building codes. This also means schools can meet temporary or more permanent demands based on classroom or intake sizes. 

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Lauralu temporary building structures and demountable buildings The Mandevlille School gym case study
Latest success story

The Mandeville School

“From the first meeting with the Lauralu team, the total time from design to finishing the installation was 10 weeks and it only took 12 days to fully erect the building! The Sports Hall, built in a whirlwind of under two weeks, is manufactured to the highest standards in the construction industry. It is fair to say that we are all very lucky to have access to these temporary facilities, which are quite possibly the best of their kind in the country.”

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