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5 Ways to Maximise Outdoor School Spaces Using Temporary Structures

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One of the key challenges that educational institutions are currently facing is the need for extra space.

Data collected by the Department of Education through capacity assessments shows that on average, 22% of schools in 2020/21 had either reached maximum capacity or were over it.

Whether it’s accommodating a growing student population, creating additional classroom space, or enhancing sports facilities, temporary buildings have emerged as a game-changer for educational infrastructure.
In this blog, we will explore how temporary buildings from Lauralu can help schools maximise their outdoor space, boost capacity, and unlock new possibilities for education and recreation.


Embracing Temporary Buildings for Schools


The demand for extra space in schools has become a pressing concern. A simple solution to this is to expand existing education buildings to accommodate more pupils and recreational activities.

While a costly and time-consuming brick-and-mortar construction may be the first option that springs to mind, temporary buildings provide a more versatile and cost-effective way to maximise outdoor school space. Unlike permanent structures, temporary buildings can be manufactured and installed in a matter of weeks and adapted to suit your specific needs, offering a myriad of possibilities.

Here are 5 examples of how these structures can be used to transform your school’s outdoor space:


Create additional classroom space


One of the key ways temporary buildings can be used to maximise outdoor space for schools is by creating additional classrooms.
While schools are experiencing limited indoor space due to an increased intake of students, temporary structures can be used to create extra classrooms or a complete modular building. The design of these structures can be customised to suit your school’s requirements, including security features and thermal protection to provide a secure and comfortable learning environment for both students and staff.


Boost capacity for storage space


With everything from exercise books to sports equipment, it’s no surprise that schools often have difficulty finding adequate storage space. Temporary buildings can be utilised to serve as versatile storage facilities, allowing schools to keep their premises organised and clutter-free to ensure easy access to valuable assets.

Enhance sports facilities


When physical education and sports play such an important role in education, it’s essential to have adequate facilities. Limited space can affect the diversity of the sporting activities a school can offer. A temporary sports hall is an excellent solution to this problem. A sports hall structure from Lauralu is designed the meet the requirements of various sports, providing ample space for basketball, volleyball, badminton and more. These versatile spaces also enable year-round sports training regardless of the weather.



Extend the playing seasons with sports court covers and canopies


Two types of temporary structures that can transform an underutilised area, such as a tennis and padel court, are sports court covers and canopies. Schools are often limited in what time of year they can use their outdoor sports courts because of weather conditions. With a sports court or sports cover you can extend the playing season all year round, to protect pupils from the pouring rain or blistering sunshine.

Host extracurricular activities in open-air events spaces


The versatility of temporary buildings allows for numerous designs, including attractive open-air event spaces, which are ideal for hosting sports events, concerts, plays and other extracurricular activities. These spaces provide a unique experience for students, parents, and visitors alike.


Unlock the potential of outdoor school spaces with temporary structures from Lauralu 


Maximising your outdoor school space with a temporary structure offers an array of benefits, from accommodating a growing student population to enhancing sports facilities and providing additional storage space. 

At Lauralu, our range of fully customisable temporary structures provides a cost-effective and flexible solution for schools looking to optimise their learning environment. 

If you have any further questions about our temporary structures or would like to get in touch with details about your project, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today, we’re on hand to help. 

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