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  • A semi-permanent port in a storm. How to solve your supply chain issues with a semi-permanent or permanent port structure

A semi-permanent port in a storm. How to solve your supply chain issues with a semi-permanent or permanent port structure

Lauralu semi-permanent structure overhead shot of industrial port

In recent years, global supply chains have faced numerous challenges. From the impact of Brexit to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses from around the world have struggled to maintain efficient and reliable logistics operations. 


One of the key issues that have emerged is the lack of adequate space at ports to handle the increasing volume of goods. This has led to significant delays, congestion and other supply chain issues. 


However, there is one solution that can help to alleviate the storage and logistic challenges faced at ports: Semi-permanent structures. 


In this blog, we’ll explore how the installation of a semi-permanent structure can be effective in reducing chain supply issues at ports. 


How can semi-permanent port structures help alleviate supply chain issues?


One of the main causes of delays and congestion at ports is the lack of space to accommodate the growing volume of goods. Ports are struggling to find suitable storage space, resulting in the need to move stock around, relocate it, or redirect it to an alternative site. This logistical challenge not only adds to the delays but also increases the risk of goods being misplaced or lost during the process. 


A semi-permanent port structure offers a practical and effective solution to these issues by providing additional storage capacity. Whether it is large warehouses, container year, or covered storage areas, semi-permanent port structures can be designed to accommodate the diverse needs of many different industries and types of cargo. These structures also can be manufactured and installed quickly which is crucial in preventing any further delays and congestion.


What are the benefits of a semi-permanent port structure?


While the key benefit of a semi-permanent port structure is the increased storage space it provides, there are several additional advantages. Here at the 4 top benefits: 


Prevention of delays and congestion 


One of the primary benefits of semi-permanent port structures is the prevention of delays and congestion at ports. With increased storage capacity, ports can efficiently process and store incoming goods, minimising the need to move stock around or redirect it elsewhere. This streamlined process helps to avoid bottlenecks and keeps the supply chain running smoothly.


Docking at the intended location 


Semi-permanent port structures also help to prevent boats from docking at competitor sites by providing sufficient storage capacity at the intended port. This means that goods are processed and delivered at the right location, eliminating any unnecessary detours and logistical complications. 


Retention of haulage companies


By offering adequate storage capacity, semi-permanent port structures encourage haulage companies to continue operating from that location and prevent them from seeking alternative transportation options due to delays and congestion. 


Secure storage 


Semi-permanent structures are fully customisable which means that they can be installed with advanced security features. Providing secure storage space helps to minimise the risk of goods being damaged, misplaced or lost during transit. This ensures that stock is stored safely until it is ready to be distributed, reducing the potential for any supply chain disruptions. 

Semi-permanent port structures from Lauralu 


At Lauralu, we understand the challenges businesses are facing when it comes to supply chain disruptions caused by delays and congestion at ports. At Lauralu, we have 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality semi-permanent and permanent structures.


Our fully customisable and rapidly installed semi-permanent structures are the perfect solution, helping to overcome storage space constraints and providing a secure and safe place for stock before distribution. 


To find out more about the structures we offer, or to share your project specifications with our team, get in touch today. 

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