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  • Increased storage and work space capacity for Mr Crumb

Increased storage and work space capacity for Mr Crumb



Described as “One of Ireland’s great success stories”, Mr Crumb are an award-winning artisan food producer that specialises in chilled and frozen ingredients, such as breadcrumbs, stuffing, toppings, flavoured butter and cheese melts.

Based in the rural village of Finea in Ireland, the family-run business has been manufacturing food products since 1996.

Lauralu were able to meet Mr Crumb’s requirements, installing an insulated 15 x 20 x H6 structure that featured a 6m eave and created over 1800 cubic meters of additional space. Lauralu’s rapid manufacturing and installation process meant that Mr Crumb were able to alleviate their storage constraints far quicker than if they had opted for a brick-and-mortar construction, and for half the cost!

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Artisan company in Ireland


of additional space


saving on the permanent structure that they were originally quoted for



Mr Crumb were thrilled with the building that Lauralu created for them, saving 50% on the permanent structure that they were originally quoted for.

The organisation now has all the room they need to accommodate their business growth, which was also built on a greenfield location that has potential for further development.

Not only were Mr Crumb satisfied with Lauralu’s delivery, but they far preferred working with our team in comparison to their alternative supplier, especially our ASM, who went above and beyond to meet their needs.

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As a result of the new structure, Mr Crumb has benefited from increased storage capacity and recently overcame an audit with a major food chain. Our temporary, semi-permanent and permanent structures provide the perfect solution for storage and workspace limitations, boosting your capabilities and increasing your potential for business growth.

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