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Protected Open-Air Workspace for Freightliner Maintenance Ltd


Freightliner Maintenance Ltd is a branch of the Freightliner Group, founded in 2006. The company is dedicated to delivering in-house maintenance and repair services to boost the performance of locomotives and rolling stock. The continuous expansion and success of Freightliner Maintenance Ltd led to them servicing a significant UK fleet of locomotives and eventually becoming involved in routine and warranty work on behalf of GE Transportation.

A Lauralu Solution...

To solve this issue they needed a structure that provided overhead protection that could be installed over the rail tracks. One of the key challenges of the project was that Freightliner Maintenance Ltd had to liaise with Network Rail which would be a time-consuming process. This meant that they needed a supplier that could offer support during that time.

Facts and stats of Freightliner Maintenance Ltd

maritime containers per year
Tonnes of bulk freight moved annually
Locomotives owned


Lauralu rose to the challenge, working with Freightliner Maintenance Ltd.’s unique specifications and were able to manufacture an angled warehouse structure with roller doors. It required careful installation over the rails and to be buffered onto the new surface.

The structure that Lauralu manufactured exceeded the company’s expectations, being larger than they thought possible to achieve.

There were numerous benefits of the new structure. Not only did it boost the efficiency of their operation, allowing them the provide quicker turnaround times for services and repairs, but the protected area also improved staff morale and reduced the costs needed to repair weathered projects.

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Rapid turnaround and limited business disruption

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Custom roller doors

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Weather protection to keep workers dry

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10-year structural guarantee

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