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Sheltered Storage Solutions for Glasscraft Decorative Ltd



Glasscraft Decorative Ltd are a company based in Leeds that manufactures a variety of processed glass, sealed units and decorative finishes for windows


Glasscraft Decorative Ltd approached Lauralu after our high quality and reliable services were recommended by one of their contacts, Aintree Plastics. The key issue the company faced involved exposed exterior glass racks that were positioned in open yards. Without adequate protection, their high-value glass stock was at risk of damage or soiling as it was stored in preparation for transport. To prevent this, they required the installation of three small warehouses to maximise storage in an area with limited and tight spacing. Glasscraft Decorative Ltd needed a supplier that could ensure a quick and efficient service so that they experienced as little downtime to their operation as possible.

Facts and stats of the project

Structures provided to Glasscraft Decorative Ltd
£s on average to replace a broken window
Warranty on Glasscraft Decorative Ltd windows


Lauralu were able to deliver the structures necessary to provide a non-weather dependant loading area, allowing the protection of valuable products.

With Lauralu’s rapid manufacturing and installation process, Glasscraft Decorative Ltd were up and running again in no time at all. The main benefit of their new storage capabilities wasreduced damage to stock, leading to increased profits.

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Non-weather dependant protection of products

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Rapid turnaround and limited business disruption

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A cost effective solution compared to brick-and-mortar buildings

Planning permission friendly

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