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How Are Industrial Canopies Used in the Distribution Sector?

Lauralu temporary building structures and industrial canopies

No matter what stock you’re distributing, having the right facilities in place is essential to ensure your process is handled on time and efficiently. 

For many businesses in distribution, finding adequate storage/outdoor working space can be difficult, and often expensive – sound about right?

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using temporary storage buildings in the distribution sector, and the benefits of using industrial canopies to help streamline your processes.

What is an industrial canopy?

An industrial canopy is a temporary or semi-permanent structure that allows you to extend your business premises, providing the substantial cover you need to protect and store stock, as well as provide a more comfortable working environment for staff, protected from the elements.  

As a canopy isn’t fully enclosed, it provides a free-flowing workspace, where stock can be transferred while shielded from rain or excessive sun. 

While a permanent brick-and-mortar structure is also an option, construction is time-consuming, expensive and would likely cause significant disruption to your distribution process. Hardly ideal when your customers are relying on you to deliver!

Every business has its own unique requirements for storage, which is why Lauralu industrial canopies are fully customisable and can be constructed with a range of adaptable features to suit your specific needs, including:

  • Varied canopy configurations, including closed, half-closed and insulated
  • Water treatment solutions, such as water-proof flooring and collection pipes
  • Customisable roof membrane, including translucent, opaque or double membrane for anti-condensation

If your industrial canopy is being used for parcel storage and sorting, we can even provide safety and security solutions, such as cameras and lighting.

If you’re unsure whether Lauralu can construct an industrial canopy that suits your business necessities, why not get in touch with a member of our team today? We’re on hand to help!

What can industrial canopies be used for in the distribution sector? 

The versatility of an industrial canopy means it provides the perfect solution for a variety of distribution requirements, including:

  • Providing storage to keep stock and parcels protected in-between transportation from source to the buyer
  • Creating a weather-proof workspace for staff to sort parcels
  • Providing a sheltered space for loading and unloading vehicles, as well as a place to store the vehicles themselves

What are the business benefits of an industrial canopy?

  • Increases storage solutions that enable you to increase capacity and therefore the potential for business growth
  • Increased storage saves you additional costs for off-site storage
  • The protected space provides better working conditions for staff, which results in increased productivity.

Why choose Lauralu?

Rapid turnaround 

In the distribution sector, time is money, which is why the last thing your business needs is to be waiting for the lengthy construction of a brick-and-mortar build.

A Lauralu canopy takes around six weeks to manufacture, and less than a week to install once delivered to your site, meaning you’ll experience minimal disruption and will be operational in no time at all.

High-quality materials 

We understand that the quality of the structure you choose is crucial to the safety and preservation of your stock.

That’s why, we only use the highest standard materials available to manufacture our industrial canopies, including 100% recyclable steel, aluminium and state-of-the-art Euroclass B-s2, dO membranes.

10-year guarantee

At Lauralu, we’re so confident with the quality and longevity of our industrial canopies that they come with a 10-year structural guarantee.

Temporary and semi-permanent industrial canopies from Lauralu 

At Lauralu, we understand that finding the perfect storage solution that’s convenient, cost-effective, and time-sensitive is incredibly difficult.

To find out how a Lauralu industrial canopy solves your storage and workspace limitations and can transform your distribution process, get in touch with one of our experts today!

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