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How Flexible Are Temporary Warehouse, Workshop & Industrial Buildings?

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Lauralu temporary industrial buildings and modular medical building with warehouse space

Demountable buildings offer innovative and cost-effective solutions for industrial buildings, warehouses and workshops, but although their popularity is growing fast they’re definitely still the new kids on the block.

If you haven’t yet heard of demountable buildings, just picture flat pack on a colossal scale – handily assembled by the company who provides it.

The popularity and availability of domestic flat pack has skyrocketed in recent years for a few key reasons: it’s affordable, easy to transport and build, and flexible enough to be taken down and stored if space is at a premium.

Demountable industrial buildings carry all the same advantages and offer companies across a plethora of industries – from education to retail to manufacturing, and everything in between – increased space with vastly reduced cost, and time spent on planning and building.

Flexible spaces which are not built using bricks and mortar are certainly not new – the portable cabin type structures which are assembled off site and transported to their temporary base have been around for decades – and these are often known as temporary, modular or portable. Demountable buildings, though, are exactly as the name suggests: they are assembled in place on site, and when they are no longer required, simply dismantled and removed.


Demountable buildings offer the companies utilising them huge benefits; as previously mentioned they are fast, affordable and flexible. But with more and more companies making environmentally friendly changes to the way they operate they possess some excellent eco credentials as well.

Eco friendly – Demountable buildings, by definition, are designed to be reused again and again, so temporary certainly does not mean single use. Built with a necessarily lightweight aluminium frame which can be recycled indefinitely, the individual components can be repurposed as well as the entire building. A single demountable building could be used by several different companies for a variety of purposes over its lifetime, making it the ultimate in industrial sized adaptability.

Lack of damage to the site –  Forget huge diggers gouging great chunks out of the earth to lay foundations for bricks and mortar buildings. Demountable buildings tread lightly on the earth they inhabit and leave little trace once removed. This means that the ground can return to its previous function after the building has been dismantled, or be used for something new straight away.

Ease of repair – Demountable buildings are built in sections which means parts can easily be removed and replaced if damaged or worn due to general wear and tear. This makes them longer lasting overall and offers affordable solutions if small scale damage does occur.

Flexibility – If space is at a premium it is easy to demount the building and store it until it was needed again, this means that for example, indoor spaces can become outdoor spaces in line with the seasons. For companies which operate at more than one site, relocation from one site to another takes a minimum of effort.

Reduced planning and installation time – Demountable buildings are simply loaded onto a lorry and transported to the site. They must be lightweight and easy to transport and so are engineered using aluminium to make up the frame. This is significantly easier to work with than other, heavier materials, so installation is faster. Assembly generally takes a week or less, making demountable buildings an astonishingly speedy solution.

Strong and long lasting – Demountable buildings’ aluminium frames are non-corrosive so rust will not be an issue. Their sectional make-up means that replacing smaller sections is easy and although demountable buildings are available for hire, many companies choose the option to buy, and may be used for anything from a matter of months, to a couple of decades.

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