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How Lauralu Structures Support Renewable Energy Projects

How Lauralu Structures Support Renewable Energy Projects

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As the UK moves away from fossil fuels and onto renewable alternatives, maximising the potential for greener ways of powering our homes and businesses is of the utmost importance.

But as with any type of working environment, the quality and overall facilities of the buildings which house your renewable energy specialists and equipment can have a huge impact on the day-to-day operations, and ultimately, the ability of the business to succeed. 

Lauralu designs and installs temporary and semi-permanent buildings with a key service offering for the energy sector.

Learn how the design and features of our buildings can support your renewables business, particularly as the demand for cleaner energy solutions continues to increase. 

The Role of Lauralu in Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector spans exciting developments across bioenergy, offshore wind, onshore wind, hydroelectric, solar energy and heat pumps. 

Every industry has unique requirements that its workplace buildings must support so that growth and innovation can follow. For the renewables sector, this can include the need for rapid construction to accommodate the likes of personnel, testing, research, deployment or training.

At Laurlu, we construct our buildings based on the needs of the industry. Working with your renewables business, we’ll develop a brief that combats any challenges you are experiencing with your current building setup. Our buildings are highly modular and durable to ensure that various operations within the renewable energy sector can receive a tailored solution.

Here’s one we made earlier: Discover a recent project for global energy supplier Aggreko. Lauralu was tasked with improving the working conditions and establishing a physical barrier from the elements to protect valuable equipment. 

Benefits of Using Modular Structures in Renewable Energy

Modular structures are fully flexible to the needs of the wind, solar, hydroelectric and bioenergy sectors. Alongside rapid deployment and cost-effectiveness, modular structures can encompass various sizes, materials and features to accommodate the needs of your renewable energy operations. 

Perhaps most importantly, the eco-friendly nature of Lauralu modular structures also helps ensure that the work your business is undertaking to be more climate-conscious also extends to your working environment. Made from aluminium which is infinitely recyclable, all aspects of modular buildings are designed to reduce energy consumption and also incorporate green construction technology. 

Overall, compared with traditional construction methods, modular buildings are quicker, cheaper and greener to build. 

Challenges Addressed by Lauralu Temporary & Semi-Permanent Structures

In recent years, the effects of climate change have already been keenly felt, with extreme weather events such as storms, flooding and heatwaves. 

While working in the renewable industry is your business’s way of making positive change to the problem, the ability to carry out that important work ultimately relies on having the right infrastructure to support your operations. 

Lauralu temporary and permanent structures can be built with customisations such as full weatherproofing, insulation, lighting, flooring, mezzanine levels, heat VAC, electrical distribution and much more. 

In short, this means that we can look to solve any existing environmental or working condition challenges within the temporary or semi-permanent structures that we build for you. 

Future Trends and Developments in Temporary & Semi-Permanent Structures for Renewable Energy Projects

As with any investment you make into your business, it’s vital to know you are benefiting from cutting-edge technology and industry leading insights. 

Working closely with the renewables sector, we are constantly looking to adapt and refine our temporary and semi-permanent structures. The ability to customise the building in terms of insulation, thermal control, security and much more already gives your business endless flexibility. 

But we also strive to go further, factoring in your industry’s need for off-grid solutions, smart integrations, regulatory compliance and adaptive building designs capable of withstanding various environmental conditions and events.

Lauralu – Discover Our Temporary Industrial Buildings UK

Work within the renewable energy industry sector, and are in search of a temporary industrial building solution?

Lauralu specialises in temporary, semi-permanent and permanent modular buildings for the wind, solar, hydroelectric and bioenergy sectors. 

We can create a custom solution to suit your renewable energy operations including for onshore and offshore sites.

Based in Leicester, we install our buildings across the UK with offices in Lancashire, Measham and Edinburgh. Our services are also available in Ireland with our office based in Dublin. 

Let us know more about your temporary building requirements by giving us a call on 01163 501685. 

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