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Keeping You On track. How a Lauralu Temporary Building Can be Used as a Rail Workshop

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Behind the vast network of railways that span across the UK, are rail workshops where engineers and technicians carry out maintenance and repairs to ensure train travel runs smoothly. 

One of the key issues rail companies often face is the construction of these crucial workshop spaces. Many rail yards are located in urban areas, where building an adequate rail workshop is a challenge due to limited space and costly construction. 

Whether it’s for storing new or old train carriages or providing adequate workshop space for maintenance, a temporary structure from Lauralu could be the solution. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into how temporary structures, from buildings to canopies, can be used to overcome construction limitations for rail workshops and transform the way maintenance and repairs are conducted in the rail sector. 


Storage for train carriages


The adequate storage of train carriages is crucial for railway operations, helping to protect them from exposure to weather conditions and vandalism. 

An effective solution to sufficient storage for these valuable assets is a temporary structure from Lauralu, which offer a spacious, secure, and weatherproof environment for train carriages to be stored safely. 

One of the many advantages of temporary structures is versatility. Each storage space can be customised to suit the specific requirements of your rail operation. Whether you need to accommodate a number of carriages or create additional storage capacity during peak seasons, these structures can be modified to your exact needs and installed rapidly to prevent disruption to services. 


 Weather protection for carriages and equipment


Train carriages and repair equipment and machinery represent a significant investment for rail operators and protecting them from harsh weather conditions is vital to ensure their longevity and performance. 

Temporary canopies or covers are durable and well-engineered, shielding assets from rain, snow, and UV rays, reducing the risk of damage or wear. This helps rail operators to avoid costly repairs and premature wear and tear, resulting in long-term savings. 


Workshop space for maintenance and refurbishment


When maintenance and refurbishment are key factors in ensuring that trains are kept in optimal condition, it’s crucial to have dedicated areas for workers to carry out necessary repairs. 

Lauralu temporary structures can be built to provide a comfortable working environment for engineers and technicians while offering sufficient space for the use of tools and equipment. These weather-resistant structures enable rail workforces to carry out essential tasks, such as inspection or minor repairs, leading to consistent repair schedules and improved productivity. 

The most significant advantage of having an on-site workshop is that it allows maintenance and repairs to be carried out promptly, reducing downtime and disruption to your operation. It also eliminates the need to transport trains to external facilities, meaning that trains can be returned to service much sooner. 

Enhance rail operations with a temporary structure from Lauralu 


At Lauralu, we understand the unique challenges that rail operators face when it comes to having adequate workshop spaces. 

Our temporary structures present a whole host of benefits to the railway industry, keeping rail operations on track and optimising efficiency. 

From providing secure storage to offering versatile workshop space, these structures are the key to smoother operations and reduced downtime. To find out more about how our range of versatile temporary structures can transform the efficiency of rail operations, get in touch with our team today. 

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