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Safeguarding Your Film Assets With Prop Storage Solutions

The UK has a thriving film and TV industry which generates over £20 billion for the economy every year.

In recent times, award-winning TV shows such as Game of Thrones, The Crown and Peaky Blinders have all been shot on our shores. Even the pink Californian landscapes of the Barbie movie were actually filmed in Hertfordshire, resulting in the BBC calling for the industry to ‘forget LA’ in favour of homegrown film and TV studios.

But beyond the lights, camera, action and even the actors, all film and TV sets have a heavy reliance on props which often play an integral role in the dialogue or the creation of cinematic effects.

However, props can pose various challenges for production crews in terms of finding suitable storage to keep items secure while also protecting them from the elements.

Lauralu is a leading UK installer of temporary storage solutions. Working directly with the film and TV industry, here is how our temporary buildings and canopies offer a fantastic and highly convenient option for the storage of props. 

The Value Of Film Props 

From Dorothy’s red shoes in The Wizard of Oz to the Lightsaber in Star Wars, and even the volleyball named Wilson in Castaway — it is a fair assessment that film and TV movie props are an iconic part of any production.

With props often being custom-made and expensive, not to mention a key part of the script, they require careful storage when not in use. This could be due to shooting having finished for the night, or the production being between seasons.

Overall, keeping props in good order can reduce costly delays in filming. Retaining the condition of props is also often a requirement for scene continuity, especially for one-of-a-kind props. 

Challenges Faced With Temporary Film Studios

The main challenge is that props need a purpose-built space so that they can be stored safely and securely. Otherwise, props remain vulnerable to damage, degradation from the elements and even theft. 

As it is, film production facilities cost a sizable amount of the production budget to hire. The reason why a particular location may be chosen is down to a lot of things, though storage for props often doesn’t make the cut.

As a result, temporary film studios may lack adequate storage due to the following factors:

  • Not enough room to store props
  • Inability to keep props away from busy areas where damage is more likely
  • Uncontrollable environmental factors (i.e. heat, cold or moisture)
  • Pests 
  • Mishandling
  • Theft

Props which are damaged or have gone missing can cause untold disruptions to your production.

As noted, even the best film studios or locations can’t always fulfil every need of your production. So while they may give you the right scenery or even technical capabilities, storage of props is often an afterthought. Likewise, if only shooting in a location or backlot for a short duration, the props would need to be relocated anyway.

Let’s not forget that props also come in all shapes and sizes! Smaller facilities may not be able to provide large prop storage, which again can pose a headache for your team.

All of the above is why a dedicated on-site storage solution for props is needed. Luckily here at Lauralu, we’re able to provide this on behalf of your TV production or film studio facility. 

Customisable Solutions From Lauralu, Specialists in Prop Storage

Directors often have exact visions of how they want dialogue to be said, or even how the camera angles should capture certain movements by actors. But when it comes to prop storage on set or even post-production, choices are often limited at best.

However, that’s not the case with Lauralu’s temporary buildings and temporary canopies for the film and TV industry.

As we offer a dedicated service for your industry, we have lots of experience in creating storage solutions for film and TV sets. All of which means that similar to your favourite Western movie — this also isn’t our first rodeo when it comes to all things prop storage for film and TV! 

We can cater to your exact needs as a team, factoring in the size and intricacies of your props within the storage solutions we can create for you. All of which leaves you free to concentrate on the task at hand, rather than allowing behind-the-scenes elements such as prop storage to hold your production back. 

Features and Benefits of Lauralu’s Prop Storage Solutions

Since we will build your temporary building or canopy to your exact specifications, we can combat all of the above prop storage challenges and more with ease.

Made from highly durable materials and construction, our temporary buildings are designed to withstand various environmental conditions. We’ve also integrated climate control options so that props can be protected from damage or degradation due to temperature or humidity fluctuations.

For insurance purposes (let alone peace of mind!) we also know how important it is for props to be securely locked away when not in use. That’s why our buildings offer various security features to prevent theft and unauthorised access.

We can provide all of the above and more and within a rapid turnaround, meaning you don’t have to wait to get the exact prop storage solutions you need for your set. 

Adding Value to Your Film Production Facilities 

Given how widespread the need for prop storage is, having a secure location to store props is an attractive asset for production teams. 

During the location sourcing process especially, the presence of a secure and temperature-controlled building can not be underestimated. 

Overall, purpose-built facilities such as prop storage add value to production facilities since the needs of crews can be met on-site, instead of having to invest in other facilities elsewhere. 

Lauralu – Discover Our Prop Storage Solutions For The UK Film & TV Industries 

Whether you’re about to commence shooting, or need a storage solution to keep props safe and secure in between seasons, the Lauralu team is here to help.

As highly experienced temporary building and canopy installers working within the film and TV industry, our team fully understands the challenges that inadequate prop storage can create for productions. 

Our prop storage solutions are here to meet your exact requirements to ensure the safe and efficient storage of props. From small and delicate props to large props storage, we can meet any storage challenge within our professional storage buildings.

Lauralu is based in Leicester and our team builds and installs storage solutions right across the UK.

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