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Temporary Commercial Buildings: When And Why To Use Them

Temporary commercial buildings are a highly convenient solution for businesses in need of more space or storage along with protection from the elements. 

Consisting of steel buildings or roofs, temporary buildings are made with your exact needs in mind with regard to the type and size. Plus whether or not the structure needs to be insulated against unsuitable weather conditions or temperatures.

Flexible for a variety of industries, temporary commercial buildings can offer many advantages over buildings of traditional construction.

Lauralu is a leading UK installer of commercial temporary buildings.

If you’re new to the concept of temporary buildings, here is an overview of what they are along with the advantages they can provide for your business. 

What Are Temporary Commercial Buildings?

Temporary commercial buildings are structures that are installed to support the commercial operations of a business for a limited time. As for how much time, our temporary buildings come with a 10-year structural guarantee, meaning they can be used for at least several years.

Lauralu provides temporary commercial buildings for various sectors including agriculture, education, energy, film and TV, public sector, retail, sports and leisure, transport and logistics.

Every industry has its unique requirements. But some of the top reasons why our clients need temporary buildings include improving working conditions, creating secure and temperature-controlled storage, holding events, catering to seasonal demand and the creation of pop-up shops.

If your current facilities are unsuitable, and building of typical construction is not feasible for any reason, then it’s highly likely that a temporary commercial building could fit the needs of your business. 

What Are The Different Types Of Temporary Buildings?

Temporary buildings are built around the needs of your business, and can include enclosed constructions (i.e. walls and a roof) or a canopy to shield any activity underneath from the elements.

Our temporary commercial buildings include:

  • Industrial canopies
  • Insulated buildings
  • Megastructures
  • Sports court roofs
  • Solid roof buildings
  • Uninsulated buildings

Not sure which temporary building type is right for your needs? We’d be happy to run you through all of the options during your free consultation. 

Benefits Of Temporary Buildings

It is a simple fact that permanent structures aren’t always feasible. This could be down to constraints related to budget, available space or planning permission. In addition, not requiring the structure over the longer term due to the limited nature of your commercial activity (i.e. events) or even the possibility your business may relocate in the future.

In a nutshell, commercial temporary buildings give you the additional shelter, storage or workspace your business needs but in a way that suits you.

Alongside reading some of our customer reviews, these are some of the main advantages of purchasing or renting our commercial temporary buildings. 

Professional Construction 

Our temporary commercial buildings might have ‘temporary’ in the name, but rest assured they are built to last!

Temporary buildings or structures can theoretically be made from a number of materials. For instance, an event marquee made from fabric and plastic. That said, such structures rarely offer longevity and just aren’t suitable to withstand regular use or extreme weather conditions.

By opting for a temporary building or roof made of steel, you can benefit from a highly professional construction that is built with your business needs in mind. All without having to opt for a permanent structure, not to mention the associated costs and lengthy timeframes of traditional structures. 

Custom Built To Your Exact Requirements

By now, the one thing that should be apparent with temporary commercial buildings is that they are made for you! Specifically, you can select the exact type of building or canopy along with the size, level of thermal control, security and other features that matter to your business operations.

If you compare this to buying or renting a space, often you don’t get the same level of choice and may have to sacrifice aspects that are important to you. This just isn’t the case with a commercial temporary building, which is designed solely with your business in mind. 

Cheaper & Quicker To Build Than Typical Construction 

Time is of the essence whenever you require additional working or classroom space, or even improved working conditions. 

Commercial temporary buildings can be constructed in a matter of weeks offering cost-effectiveness and quick deployment compared with the traditional construction process.

Since we’re well versed in designing and installing temporary buildings, you also won’t encounter the same delays as regular building projects. That’s because we know exactly what we are working with and how things need to be done in advance, having installed temporary buildings and roofs right across the UK. 

Improved Sustainability

Temporary commercial buildings tackle sustainability in several ways. First of all, they are made from materials which can be infinitely reused, recycled or repurposed.

In addition, the thermal properties we mentioned above can also reduce the amount of energy needed to heat or cool the space. 

We’ll Handle The Planning Permission On Your Behalf

Not all temporary buildings require planning permission. However, where planning permission is required then at Lauralu we can take care of this on your behalf as part of the project management process. This means you can concentrate on the needs of your business or educational facility, without having to worry about unnecessary admin or long project delays. 

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