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  • Sheltering Your Game From The Elements With A Sports Court Roof

Sheltering Your Game From The Elements With A Sports Court Roof

Sheltering Your Game From The Elements With A Sports Court Roof

Sports Court Roof

While we might be sports-mad here in the UK, the weather can often have other ideas! 

Waterlogged pitches caused by heavy rainfall, along with ice, snow, wind or even heat waves can all be highly disruptive to play.

As well as increasing the risk of potential injury or illness for players, unsuitable weather conditions can ultimately lead to match postponements or cancellations. For sports centres, a reduced ability to play outdoors can also directly impact profits. 

Lauralu installs sports court roofs and canopies to help ensure sports matches and training can safely still go ahead, whatever the weather.

Creating a physical barrier overhead to shield sports pitches from the elements, here is why a sports court roof is a highly worthy investment for any outdoor sports facility. 

What Are All-Weather Sports Canopies Or Roofs? 

In principle, the idea of an outdoor sports pitch or facility is great – until you realise we’re in Britain, not California! Therefore, the weather can often be too extreme to allow for year-round enjoyment of exposed sports pitches or facilities. This is a real shame given the benefits, not to mention the enjoyment that sport brings to so many. 

While it’s not feasible to control the weather, it is possible to control the impact of the weather on your sports game. This can be achieved by weatherproofing your sports hall, sports court, pitch or gym by adding a purpose-built roof.

In a nutshell, all-weather sports roofs canopies or are structures which sit directly over the sports pitch. Made from highly durable material, the aim is to protect both pitches and players from the effects of inclement weather or excessive temperatures. 

Benefits Of Adding A Roof To A Sports Court

✅- Play (and the ability for venues to earn profit and increase your ROI) isn’t dictated by the weather.
✅- Match postponements and cancellations can be reduced if not eliminated altogether.
✅- Fully customisable to your sports type, pitch type and overall player needs.
✅- Extremely durable structures which offer years of continuous play.
✅- Doesn’t involve the costs, time or hassle of type building construction.
✅- Available right across the UK.
✅- Can be installed within a matter of weeks! 

Overall, there are lots of advantages to adding a roof or canopy to a sports roof, with the main benefit being able to capitalise on your return on investment and fully exploit using a court with a roof when there is inclement weather. Knowing rentability is assured will mean keeping other costs under control too. 

Since the UK can experience extremes of wet, cold and hot weather, it is important to ensure sports pitches and players are adequately protected from the elements. There is no easier way to do so than to install a temporary sports court roof structure. 

It’s possible to install a roof or canopy over various types of sports facilities such as padel courts, football pitches and even swimming pools. Best of all, adding a sports court roof is highly cost-effective compared with traditional building structures. 

See A Lauralu Padel Court Cover In Action – Padel United UK Case Study

Padel is a sport which has similarities with tennis and squash. While you might not be too familiar with the game itself, as a sports player you will know the frustration of Padel United UK, who couldn’t use its courts in rain or extreme heat, limiting play and therefore profits too.

Lauralu was tasked with creating padel court roofing which required bespoke construction due to the courts at each centre having different dimensions. In addition, a rapid turnaround was also needed to minimise disruption to the business. 

With acute expertise in boosting the potential of padel courts through padel court cover installation, our team was set to work. A tailored padel court roof was added to three different courts within 6 weeks of the initial client order. As a result, Padel United UK achieved an excellent ROI, with a quadrupled turnover within the first year of the canopy installation. Crucially, the member experience was also vastly improved due to the ability to enjoy play throughout all the seasons.

Lauralu – Outdoor Sports Roofs & Canopies UK

There are endless types of sports which can take place outside. These can include the likes of basketball, football, padel, netball, swimming or tennis. Likewise, there are various types of fitness classes which can also be limited to the summer months due to inclement weather.

In either case, if the weather is preventing your sport or fitness class from reaching its potential, then an outdoor sports roof could provide the perfect solution. 

Based in the UK, Lauralu is a leading installer of weather-resisting structures including roofs and canopies geared towards sport. Available to hire or buy, our all-weather sports roofs are extremely flexible to suit your needs as a business. 

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