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Why Choose A Temporary or Permanent Building?

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Lauralu temporary canopy for protecting stock in agriculture

In the ever changing business world, we are regularly asked Temporary or permanent?

So you have secured that order but don’t have the storage space. There’s a seasonal rush therefore your operation needs to expand quickly. Use your empty space to help your business grow.

Hiring a Temporary Warehouse gives you a quick, cost effective storage solution for your business.

As well as Super-Fast Installation enabling you to expand rapidly and increase operational capacity Temporary Buildings, whether a temporary storage building or temporary industrial canopy, prove an efficient and cost effective alternative to a permanent structure.

With no prohibitive construction costs we will plan, deliver, assemble and have your Temporary Warehouses operational in as little as 7 days. With no need for footings or foundations they are ideal for a rapid solution to storage or operational needs, even on sloping or uneven ground.

As a company Lauralu own their entire supply chain. We control all aspects of the manufacture therefore ensuring you receive your structure super fast. Modular Buildings are fast and easy to put up and quick to take down. In addition they can move to provide the flexibility your changing requirements needs.

So the main benefits of Temporary over Permanent –

  • A Quick Fix solution to storage or operational need
  • No need for costly or lengthy construction
  • No offsite storage costs
  • Hire or Purchase options
  • Flexible rental periods

Typically, when everyone imagines the structure of a semi-permanent building, thoughts that come into mind include something that is flimsy, unreliable and cheaply made.

But that really isn’t the case…

Certain semi-permanent buildings are created with aluminum, which ensures a well maintained structure, an insulator of heat and a sturdy design.

Features of Permanent Buildings:

  • Created and installed for a long-term use (Time-frame tends to be decades.)
  • Generally made with concrete and steel materials to add to wooden framing.
  • Ideal for any purpose that does NOT require relocation.
  • Construction and installation typically takes 2-4 months, depending on the size of the building.
  • More expensive to build, when comparing to the cost of a semi-permanent building.
  • Created with robust materials (such as concrete) for better ware.
  • Can be attached to existing structures, that can be matched.
  • Can be bought, leased or rented.

Features of Semi-Permanent Buildings:

  • Installed for a shorter duration of time (Typically a few months or years.)
  • They are durable to stand several times of installation and relocation.
  • Materials mostly consist of wood-based products, due to it being easier to relocate and reinstall.
  • Best required for anyone that needs a quick construction time and has the choice of relocation for the future.
  • Typically will be prepared in the short time of 30-40 days, no matter how big or small the building is.
  • Highly economical and the cost is much lower compared to the pricing of a permanent building.
  • Semi-permanent buildings can be bought, leased or rented.
  • Cannot be connected to existing structures, but overall price would still be lower if another one was to be built.

If this is what your business needs then you should take a look at a Temporary Industrial Building for a solution to your requirements.

Contact us today so we can organise your new expansion in time to meet your deadlines.

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