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The Cost-Saving Benefits of Temporary Buildings

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Lauralu temporary canopy and industrial canopies with benefits of temporary structures

In an uncertain economy where every penny counts, Lauralu is here to offer cost-effective temporary building solutions to suit every business. Lauralu is one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of temporary buildings with over 25 years of experience.

Our buildings are a far cry from the memories of those temporary buildings that struggled to retain heat, keep out damp and bring in an electric supply. Opting for a temporary building now has an array of benefits compared to traditional solutions –  cost-effective, quicker to manufacture, flexible and adaptable.



As there are no costly foundation requirements and all components are manufactured off-site in our factories, so our temporary building solutions can be planned, delivered and assembled quickly and cost-effectively.

Modular buildings are more affordable than a traditional build, with temporary buildings having a shorter build time meaning a significant decrease in time on site and labour costs.

In addition, our buildings are more environmentally friendly than traditional buildings as they are more energy-efficient, create less waste and increase the use of sustainable materials. They are easily relocatable and reusable and so even if no longer required are simply dismantled, removed and then re-built at another site – with no materials sent to landfill.

Temporary buildings can be tailored to any business and Lauralu produces bespoke solutions within very tight deadlines adapting our structures to suit your individual needs.

Lauralu offers flexible payment plans, where clients can pay over a rental period to suit individual company needs. Purchase and lease purchase are also available.


Time is precious in the business world, with a to-do list that is constantly expanding, an immediate need for more space or an extension can seem like a huge inconvenience. Temporary buildings are faster and more flexible to manufacture and install than a traditional building for many reasons.

Temporary building structures are manufactured off-site in a strictly controlled factory environment, ensuring detailed accuracy levels. Our structures can be delivered to site and installed in a matter of days meaning a client’s business can remain fully operational so no production or service is lost during this time.

We offer a turnkey solution whether your need is for storage, logistics or manufacturing. The simplicity of the process means there is little time or resource commitment required by the client. Our approach, based on regular communication and a transparent relationship, results in limited time required from the client’s side.


Temporary buildings often come with modern, efficient designs that can lead to lower maintenance and operational costs. Their materials and structures are typically easier to maintain, and they may include energy-efficient features that reduce utility expenses.


Temporary buildings can benefit any business in both the short and long term. Temporary buildings allow flexibility long term as they aren’t fixed. Businesses can choose to upscale or downscale their facilities as and when they need to. Temporary buildings can be easily removed, adapted or relocated. This allows your business to adapt and change to market demand.


  • Lower Initial Investment: Temporary buildings generally require a lower initial investment compared to permanent structures. This can be a significant cost saving, especially for businesses needing quick, scalable solutions without committing substantial capital to construction.
  • Tax Advantages: In some regions, temporary buildings may qualify for tax benefits or deductions that permanent structures do not, providing additional financial savings for your business.
  • Insurance Savings: Temporary buildings can sometimes be insured at lower rates compared to permanent structures, depending on their usage and location, leading to further cost savings.

By choosing Lauralu’s temporary building solutions, you are not only saving costs but also investing in a flexible, sustainable, and efficient future for your business.

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