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  • Weather-Resistant Buildings: The Key To Year-Round Operations

Weather-Resistant Buildings: The Key To Year-Round Operations

Weather-Resistant Buildings: The Key To Year-Round Operations

Weather-Resistant Buildings

Did you know that it rains 151 days on average each year in the UK?

When there’s work to be done, the knock-on effects of challenging weather conditions such as rain, snow, high winds or even excessive heat can be extremely detrimental for businesses. This is especially the case when operations rely on specific weather conditions due to safety or practical reasons.

Although it may not be possible to control the weather, one solution that can be implemented is to install a temporary weather-resistant structure at your location. Providing dry and ambient working conditions for as long as is required, weather-resistant buildings are extremely flexible for various industries and usage requirements. 

Lauralu specialises in temporary, semi-permanent and permanent demountable buildings. 

Made from the highest quality aluminium and steel, our weather-resistant buildings are highly durable and versatile to promote year-round operation for businesses. 

Challenges Posed By Weather Conditions To Your Business

As a business owner, you can probably name several major pain points that arise whenever the weather isn’t working in your favour for your team. Most significantly, these often include unsafe working conditions, potential damage to equipment and a loss of productivity. 

Even traditional buildings and structures can’t always protect your operations from the elements. This may be due to ageing structures or building damage. Excessive costs or time frames are often the main reasons why typical building repairs or upgrades aren’t feasible. 

Therefore, whether your traditional building structure does not provide weather protection, or if the location is completely exposed to the elements, weather-resistant buildings can provide a solution. This is especially the case when there is a need for an adaptable and resilient structure to combat the specific challenges posed by rain, wind, snow or heat.

Take one of our recent projects for Encirc glass manufacturers as an example. Lauralu was tasked with creating a robust cover for the loading area of the business which was exposed to the elements. The conditions were increasing the potential for its high-quality glass products to be damaged. Producing 4 billion glass containers a year, it was also essential that the loading area remained an area of high productivity based on the chosen solution. 

Lauralu got to work and quickly installed a weather-resistant structure to protect stock from the elements, in turn also improving the working conditions for delivery staff.

Whatever challenges the weather is creating for your business or public sector building, our highly experienced team can also look to achieve a tailored solution through the installation of a weather-resistant building or structure. 

Advantages Of Weather-Resistant Buildings

If the weather is preventing your business from reaching its potential for any reason, then a weather-resistant building makes perfect sense. That’s because you’re directly targeting the issue with the most robust and convenient type of solution available to you – a weather-resistant building that can shield employees and building contents from the elements.

As the name suggests, weather-resistant buildings are built to tolerate all weather conditions, from torrential rain to blistering sun. Therefore, weather-resistant buildings offer durability and sustainability in varying weather conditions. All while providing excellent cost-effectiveness compared to other options such as traditional construction or even a relocation of the business. 

Versatile To Your Needs

Our insulated temporary structures are also highly versatile, from insulated temporary warehouse buildings used to protect stock, to insulated workshop buildings used to protect equipment and machinery.

In general, weather-resistant insulated buildings can be geared towards endless industries and applications. Therefore, it’s certainly not the case that weather resistance is only required in a handful of situations. In fact, there are no limits to how Lauralu can tailor our buildings and structures to specifically improve your operations.

Improved working conditions can also have far-reaching benefits in terms of boosting job satisfaction. Therefore, an investment in a weather-resistant building is not just about protecting stock or equipment, rather it is also an investment in your team, especially as these specialist structures can greatly improve working conditions. 

Quick Construction 

One of the other important benefits of our temporary weather-resistant buildings is that they are quick and easy to erect (usually up to 1000min 1 week). With a need to be reactive to changes in weather conditions, this guarantee of getting the weather-resistant buildings up quickly can be the difference between asset protection and losing out. 

Industries Benefiting From Weather-Resistant Buildings

Practically every industry can experience reduced productivity due to inclement weather or excessive heat. Weather-resistant buildings can be constructed with your exact weather challenges in mind, in addition to your industry type and overall application requirements.

While far from exhaustive, industries which can benefit from weather-resistant buildings include:

  • Construction 
  • Development projects
  • Distribution
  • Commercial sectors
  • Education
  • Emergency response and disaster management
  • Entertainment
  • Events
  • Industrial environments
  • Public sector
  • Retail
  • Sports
  • Waste and recycling plants 

Taking emergency response and disaster management as one example, controlled conditions are often a key operational requirement of such locations. Weather-resistant buildings provide a safe and dry environment, particularly as they have excellent structural integrity. With the increasingly volatile weather conditions experienced in the UK in recent years, weather-resistant buildings can be used as a central hub for emergency services or the public whenever called upon. 

Switching gears entirely, the events industry is worth £41.2bn to the UK economy. Yet, even a drop of rain can be hugely disruptive to guests and organisers alike. It can also be difficult to create contingency plans based on the weather, meaning weather-resistant buildings eliminate what otherwise can be a huge headache for event organisers.

In short, there are endless industries and scenarios which could benefit immensely from having a weather-resistant building. This is especially the case when the weather could cause any kind of danger or disruption.

Lauralu – Temporary Weather-Resistant Building Installation UK

Is it time that the weather forecast stopped dictating the productivity and overall success of your business? 

If the weather is creating any safety or productivity issues in your business, then a weather-resistant structure from Lauralu could just be the perfect solution.

Based in the UK, Lauralu is a leading installer of weather-resisting structures spanning temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent demountable buildings. Available to hire or buy, our weather-resistant buildings are extremely flexible to suit your needs as a business. 

To speak to one of our weather-resistant building experts about your project, please give the Lauralu team a call on 01163 501685.

Alternatively, fill out our contact form where you can also request a free product brochure.

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