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Cost-Effective Choice: Evaluating Temporary Classroom Hire Costs

Temporary Classroom Hire Costs

When a school cannot fulfil all of its teaching needs within its own premises, a temporary classroom makes for the ideal solution. 

Ensuring that lessons can still go ahead, temporary classrooms provide a safe environment for students for however long the additional space is required. In particular, temporary classrooms can be constructed relatively quickly, providing a waterproof and insulated learning environment built to your exact specifications. 

Lauralu is a leading manufacturer and installer of temporary classrooms across the UK.

Here is an overview of what hiring a temporary classroom involves, including details surrounding costs. 

Temporary Classrooms: An Overview

Temporary classrooms (also known as portable classrooms) serve as a short-term solution to a shortage of classroom or exam hall space. 

Unlike permanent classrooms, temporary classrooms are designed to be constructed quickly using prefabricated or portable materials. For this reason, temporary classrooms provide an ideal solution when a school is undergoing construction work, requires more teaching space due to being oversubscribed, or has any similar requirements for additional physical building space.

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How Long Do Temporary Classrooms Take To Build?

The Lauralu team can be on-site within 24 hours, with temporary classrooms ready for use in a matter of weeks. We always endeavour to get temporary classrooms up and running as soon as possible, so please don’t delay in contacting us if your school is in need of an urgent or upcoming space solution. 

Why Are Temporary Classrooms Needed? 

Simply put, it often takes too long to build classrooms of a typical construction. Also, in some cases, there may only be a short-term need for the additional space (i.e. exams).

While far from exhaustive, these are some of the most common reasons why schools request temporary classrooms. 

For Oversubscribed Schools

The Department for Education found that 22% of schools had either reached or exceeded maximum capacity between 2020 and 2021. 

Oversubscription is far from a new problem. But what it does result in is a lack of classroom space, meaning temporary classrooms are often required to accommodate the extra pupils. 

Construction Work Or Building Safety Concerns

If construction work is taking place in a school, then this may put several classrooms out of action. 

Recently, many school buildings have been forced to close abruptly due to having reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) within the building. 

RAAC, notorious for its propensity to degrade over time due to a chemical reaction causing structural instability, poses a serious safety risk. The identification of this problematic concrete in the school buildings has led to an urgent need for thorough inspections, assessments, and potential remediation work. 

Understandably, the priority remains to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff, prompting the temporary closure of these affected schools until comprehensive evaluations and necessary renovations can be completed to guarantee a secure learning environment.

Therefore, in any instance where the safety of students and staff is at risk, temporary classrooms can provide a safe learning environment elsewhere on the school site. 

Exam Facilities 

When exam season is on, potentially hundreds of students may need to sit an exam at any one time. If schools don’t have a large enough hall, or likewise, don’t wish to dedicate their sports hall to exams, then a temporary exam hall can be built by us instead. 

Temporary Modular Classrooms 

At Laralu, it’s good to note that our classrooms can be purchased or hired. In terms of the types of classrooms which can be hired, the main option to know about is our temporary modular classrooms. 

Temporary modular classrooms (also known as temporary outdoor classrooms) are built using prefabricated components, which are made off-site and then assembled by our team once they are delivered to the school. 

The term ‘modular’ is in reference to the flexible nature of this building type, since modular classrooms can also be repositioned elsewhere on the site at a later date. What is also flexible is the number of available classrooms, ranging from a single classroom to a multi-classroom building. 

How Much Do Temporary Classrooms Cost?

It’s impossible to give a fixed figure with regards to temporary classroom hire costs. That’s because no two temporary classroom buildings are the same.

However, we’ve explained what gets factored into the cost of a temporary classroom below. When you reach out to us about your project, we’ll be able to provide you with a more tailored quotation based on your needs as a school. 

What Impacts The Cost Of Temporary Classrooms?

While any temporary classroom project may consider a broad spectrum of required materials and services, the following are the main aspects to consider when calculating the hire price of a temporary classroom. 

Type Of Classroom Building

Typically, a modular building offers the most suitable option for a temporary classroom, since these buildings are easy to assemble and disassemble. 

Lauralu can provide your school with an almost limitless array of sizes, dimensions, walling, roofing, and technical options when it comes to hiring a temporary classroom. 

Size Of Classroom

The larger the classroom, the more materials will be needed, and it will also take longer to install. 

However, a large temporary classroom may work out more cost-effective compared with building a permanent classroom. 

Additional Features Needed 

Temporary classrooms can range from a simplistic space to hold tables and chairs, or feature kitchens, meeting rooms and other customised spaces. Various internal and external features can also be added to the building. 

The range of features required will impact the overall cost. 

Duration Of Hire

The longer you need to hire a temporary classroom, the more it will cost. 

Depending on why your school needs a temporary classroom, it may work out more cost-effective to purchase rather than hire from us instead. We’d be more than happy to explain the cost differences between renting vs purchasing to guide you. 

Flexible Payment Options

Not all manufacturers and installers of temporary classrooms offer flexible payment options. However, here at Lauralu, we have an intrinsic understanding of the cost pressures experienced by schools. 

Therefore, whether you want to hire, purchase or finance your temporary building, we can work with your school to find the best solution based on your budget and overall requirements. 

Temporary Classroom Advantages

  • Quick construction
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible usage options
  • Modular classrooms are portable allowing for relocation
  • Extremely successful solution for schools
  • Reduced classroom disruption

Temporary Classroom Considerations 

While the clue might be in the name, temporary classrooms (especially those which are hired) do not offer a permanent solution to the lack of space on your school site.

That said, in terms of offering classroom space while any construction work is carried out, a temporary building offers a perfect fit for your requirements as a school. Modular classrooms are easy to construct and disassemble, which is why they are geared towards the creation of temporary classrooms.

Another potential consideration to watch out for with temporary classrooms is the experience and accreditations of the provider. At Lauralu, we have been building temporary classrooms for more than two decades. Ensuring the same high standards for your school will lead to a better outcome that ultimately, provides a safe and functional learning space for pupils. 

Lauralu – Temporary Classroom Hire UK

Are you in search of a temporary classroom hire for a UK school?

We know that when schools suddenly need extra teaching space, the process can initially seem stressful, especially if you need a solution in a hurry. However, rest assured we’ll take care of all finer details on your behalf as we construct a fully functional, health and safety-compliant temporary classroom for your school. 

Lauralu temporary classroom units are available to hire, and we can also sell your school a classroom should a more permanent solution be required. 

To find out more about temporary classroom hire costs give us a call on 01163 501684. 

Alternatively, let us know more about your project by filling out our contact form or emailing us at 


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