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  • From Concept to Reality: How Lauralu Transforms Your Space Needs with Custom Solutions

From Concept to Reality: How Lauralu Transforms Your Space Needs with Custom Solutions

From Concept to Reality: How Lauralu Transforms Your Space Needs with Custom Solutions

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When your business needs extra space to gain more storage, establish controlled conditions or support the expansion of your business—construction in the typical sense can prove impractical, not to mention too costly to do.

A fantastic solution that you may not be aware exists is a temporary building installation from Lauralu. Also spanning semi-permanent and permanent building solutions, our buildings are fully customisable to your industry and business needs. 

Crucially, Lauralu has complete control over the entire supply chain including the manufacturing, delivery and installation stages. 

As a result, we have a unique advantage that can provide a seamless experience for your temporary building installation, avoiding many of the pitfalls of traditional construction. 

Lauralu’s Innovative Approach to Custom Solutions

No two businesses are the same. So why should their buildings be? 

At Lauralu, our temporary buildings cater for a diverse range of industries including education, energy, film & TV, industrial, leisure & sports, logistics and transport. 

We work closely with businesses to understand their unique challenges. Beyond gaining extra floor space, this can include the need to protect stock or equipment, or simply maximise the revenue potential of the business due to increased functionality. 

When you work with our temporary building specialists, this is your opportunity to let us know exactly what will help your business to flourish depending on any challenges you are currently experiencing with your existing building. Or lack thereof! 

In response, we can create anything from a basic canopy to complex modular structures, all designed, manufactured and installed by us.

How Temporary Buildings Or Structures Can Solve Your Business Challenges

Since we are talking about making your space needs a reality through Lauralu temporary buildings and structures, let’s delve into a tangible example.

At Lauralu, we do a lot of work in the education and leisure sectors. Alongside temporary classrooms, we also have a lot of requests for padel court covers. 

Our weather here in the UK and Ireland is notoriously inclement. However, with recent heat waves, extreme temperatures can also pose challenges for sports court owners. This means there is now an urgent need to protect players from both the rain and sun. 

Lauralu specialises in temporary sports canopies which can provide excellent protection from the elements. As a result, businesses can increase their profitability due to the ability to offer year-round play.  

Regardless of the sector you operate in, we can apply the same ingenuity to your business challenges so that we help maximise the potential of your space. 

Benefits of Modular Building Solutions

As we’ve already touched upon, creating or extending a building using traditional construction methods isn’t always ideal. In particular, construction can be disruptive to your business, take too long to complete, be subject to unforeseen issues and be too expensive. 

With modular buildings, there is a seismic difference in terms of their ease of installation, reduced completion time, cost-effectiveness and overall flexibility. 

Various types of buildings exist from canopies to megastructures, and these can also be insulated or insulated. Additional interior customisations can include extra storage or security measures and much more, depending on your unique requirements. 

At Lauralu, our Case Studies demonstrate the extreme adaptability of our building solutions. This includes the need to create protection from the elements within external areas of a distribution centre, to increasing warehouse capacity to support a business expansion.  

Overall, it’s clear to see that temporary buildings remove limitations rather than create them, whether this is in terms of their ease of installation through the various challenges they can solve within your business. 


When your building is presenting challenges such as limited storage, exposed weather conditions or a lack of internal environment control – many business owners wrongly assume that a traditional construction project or even relocation is the only way to move forward. 

But as we’ve discovered above, temporary buildings or structures such as canopies can be used to easily remedy any such problems and more. By allowing us to address your specific building pain points with our innovative solutions on your behalf, this enables you to fully concentrate on the task of running your business. 

Most importantly, our solutions are delivered in a way that offers minimal disruption, hassle and expense compared with traditional building projects. 

Lauralu – Discover Our Temporary Building Structures | UK & Ireland 

Could a temporary building or canopy solve your current lack of space or facilities? 

Contact Lauralu today to discuss your needs with our team. Whether you are in search of a similar solution to something we’ve mentioned above, or have additional requirements we can create a tailored plan that supports the needs of your business. 

Give us a call on 01163 501684 or send us the details of your project by filling out our contact form.

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