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Maximising Storage Efficiency With Industrial Warehouse Canopies

Maximising Storage Efficiency With Industrial Warehouse Canopies

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Space is always at a premium in warehouse environments. However, a challenge within any exterior areas of warehouses is that inclement weather often prevents the full potential of this space from being reached. 

If the weather is hampering your business operations, then an industrial building canopy could create outdoor roof coverage exactly where it’s needed. 

Consisting of temporary or semi-permanent roofing that is fully customisable to the needs of your business, industrial warehouse canopies are quick to install while being highly cost-effective. 

Lauralu is a leading UK installer of industrial canopies. When it comes to maximising storage space within a warehouse, here is why a canopy can make for the ideal solution. 

What Are Industrial Warehouse Canopies?

Industrial warehouse canopies are specialised installations which provide overhead protection from rain along with extreme sunlight. 

If an exterior area of a building is not suitable for storing stock due to weather conditions, then this space could be put to better use due to the protection provided. 

Likewise, industrial canopies can be used to free up other areas of a warehouse (including storage space) due to the ability to make better use of external areas that are currently impacted by the weather. 

At Lauralu, our temporary and semi-permanent industrial canopies can include features such as: 

  • Electrical outlets
  • Groundworks
  • Heating
  • Intrusion detection
  • Lighting
  • Mezzanine flooring
  • Racking
  • Stop palettes
  • Stormwater treatment


So whether the external areas of a warehouse are used for loading, unloading, storage or manufacturing – an industrial canopy can support these operations in all weathers. 

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Does Your Business Need An Industrial Canopy?

Temporary industrial canopies can provide shelter from the elements for your operations. This commonly includes the need to protect stock or improve working conditions during inclement weather. 

Since an industrial canopy shelter provides coverage overhead, the area can benefit from drier and safer conditions.

If you can relate to these scenarios as a warehouse owner, then it’s highly likely that your business could benefit from having an industrial canopy installed. 

Maximising Storage By Adding A Roof With A Temporary Industrial Canopy

Canopies are quick and cost-effective ways to create a covered storage area in any exposed location within your warehouse. That’s because canopies give protection from the elements exactly where required, without having to construct an enclosed building from scratch. 

The ability to create shelter on a ground floor surface can already increase storage capabilities. However, as noted above, it’s also possible to add mezzanine flooring within industrial canopies allowing for even more storage space to be created. 

In short, this makes canopies a multifaceted storage solution for warehouses. 

Industrial Warehouse Canopy Advantage & Considerations

It’s fair to say that industrial warehouse canopies can make huge direct and indirect improvements to storage across your facility. 

Here is a general overview of the advantages of canopies as a whole. Plus a few points to consider to ensure that a canopy is the right solution for your needs. 


An industrial canopy has the potential to dramatically increase productivity and safety for warehouses. That’s because if a lack of protection from rain or strong sunlight is preventing full use of your site, then an industrial canopy could solve this issue. Storage may then be created directly under the canopy or freed up elsewhere on site as a result. 

Another major advantage is that unlike constructing a typical building, industrial canopies are quicker, cheaper and generally much easier to install. All of which means your building can get the protection from the elements it needs with far less hassle involved. 


Depending on the storage solutions faced by your warehouse, a canopy may not prove to be the best solution. Speaking to our team about your canopy and storage requirements can determine this if you have any queries.

In addition, there is the need to reduce the environmental impact of the installation to promote sustainability. For instance, a consideration of the lifespan of the building along with the materials used.


If you own a warehouse facility and want to maximise storage space, then an industrial canopy is one of the many ways to make the best use of the space. 

Lauralu is a UK-based installer of weather-resistant structures, and one of our key service offerings is industrial canopies for warehouses. We offer a range of flexible solutions to suit your needs as a business, including helping your team overcome any storage challenges faced by poor weather conditions. 

To speak to one of our building experts about your project, please get in touch with the team at Lauralu – fill out our contact form where you can also request a free product brochure.

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